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African Mahogany

African Mahognay leaf

African Mahogany (Khaya ivorensis)

Known to be strong enough to withstand even a strike of lightning, the deep red wood of the African Mahogany tree is prized for its durability and colorful sheen. Whether quarter-sawn to show its ribbon-like appearance or flat-cut for a cathedral grain, this wood is as luxurious as it is dependable.

African Rosewood

African Rosewood leaf

African Rosewood (Milletia laurentii)

For centuries, artists have carved their sacred masks and statues from African Rosewood, also known as “Wenge.” The wood is said to have a mystical ability to balance the thoughts and emotions of its wearer.


Anigre Leaf

Anigre (Aningeria Spp)

Hailing from the humid jungles of Cameroon, Anigre is the picture of elegance and versatility. Delicate enough to build an acoustic guitar, yet sturdy enough to build a ship, this crème-brûlée colored wood is known for its subtle figuration. However, a closer eye will reveal its truly opulent patterns and textures.


Ash Leaf

Ash (Fraxinus Americana)

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Aspen (Populus tremuloides)

An Aspen is a community. Each trunk is just one limb of a massive organism, which lives for millennia underground – surviving forest fires and droughts – to bask again in the summer sun. This enduring strength allows for an abiding sensitivity: aspen leaves” quake” and “whisper” in every breeze.

Bolivian Rosewood

Bolivian Rosewood leaf

Bolivian Rosewood (Machaerium Spp)

Prized for both beauty and strength, this native of South and Central America has a lovely pattern and texture. Wide swaths of deep reddish brown intertwine with darker streaks, at times almost black in color. Let the elegance of Bolivian Rosewood bring you joy each time you look upon its one-of-a-kind magnificence.


cherry leaf

Cherry (Prunas serotina)

Ever since the young George Washington refused to tell a lie, the Cherry tree has symbolized honesty. Underneath its pretty flowers and sweet fruit, the very wood of the cherry tree glows with red and pink tones. This tree, which the ancients associated with love, shows us that the tenderness of love comes from inner strength.


Coralwood leaf

Coralwood (Pterocarpus macrocarpus)

The mighty Burmese Coralwood (“Padauk”) tree reaches up six stories into the sky before spreading its wide branches, which each Spring are tipped in tangerine-colored blossoms. The Burmese build their sacred harps from this wood, which catapults their songs heavenward beyond the Padauk’s magnificent crown.


Ebony leaf

Ebony (Diospyros celebica)

Ebony, beloved of royals, is streaked with gorgeous deep black tones. This wood has given its strength to pianists, who call on the black keys to voice their deepest feelings.


Frake leaf

Frake (Terminalia superba)

Frake is most commonly known as Black Limba, but goes by many other names: “Ofram” in Ghana, “Akom” in Cameroon, and “Afara” in Nigeria. This West African native wood, coarse-grained and golden in color with streaks of dark brown, has an uncanny ability to produce bright, crisp notes when used to build instruments.


Koa leaf

Koa (Acacia Koa)

Koa means “warrior,” a tribute to the fact that it was once reserved for and synonymous with the Royal class and the valiant fighters who defended the Hawaiian archipelago. Take the legacy of the Koa with you and know, no matter what you are up against, that you have the strength to overcome.


Lacewood leaf

Lacewood (Cardwellia sublimis)

The unassuming Lacewood tree, a native of Australia, hides a gorgeous pattern within itself. Using a special cutting method, the interior beauty of the lace-like silver and amber pattern is allowed to shine. From the Lacewood tree we learn that inner beauty may require effort to cultivate, but the rewards are luminous.


Madrone leaf

Madrone (Arbutus menziesii)

Throughout the misty coastal forests of the Northwest, the Pacific Madrone thrives elegantly in harsh conditions. Often found on a rocky outcropping or a windy cliffside, this striking tree boasts colorful orange branches and delicate white flowers. The red-hued heartwood of a Madrone inspires us to endure stormy weather with strength and grace.


 Maple leaf

Maple (Acer saccharum)

The Sugar Maple has been celebrated by Northeastern indigenous and colonial cultures alike for centuries. A true “Tree of Life,” it reliably produces nutritious sap, striking fall foliage, and a smooth, sturdy cream-colored wood. The Maple Dance is a Northeastern tribal celebration of the Sugar Moon, the first full moon of Spring.


Pecan leaf

Pecan (Carya Spp)

The Algonquian peoples named the Pecan for its sought-after but well-protected nut: “pakan,” or “nut requiring a stone to crack.” Unsurprisingly, its beautiful caramel-streaked wood is equally tenacious, known for its strength and resistance to shock. These prized fruits of the Pecan Tree remind us that the most difficult labors reap the sweetest rewards.


Poplar leaf

Poplar (Populus Spp)

The towering Poplar is referenced all throughout Greek and Roman mythology, held sacred by Gods and mortals alike. The ancient tree relies on a strong and sprawling root system to withstand high winds, earning its smooth, light-colored wood the symbolic values of grounding, security, and resiliency.


Purpleheart (Peltogyne spp)

When first cut, Purpleheart is often brown or grayish purple. Only exposure to sunlight transforms this wood’s hue into a deep, vibrant purple. Useful for eradicating negative energies and enhancing creativity, this unique wood is a reminder that our highest potential requires patience and light to flourish.

Red Oak

Red Oak leaf

Red Oak (Quercus Rubra)

Indigenous tribes in Red Oak territory – the American East and Midwest – associate this tree with strength and protection due to its many medicinal properties. This strong and beautiful reddish-brown heartwood heals, protects, and brightens.


Walnut leaf

Walnut (Juglans nigra)

In addition to producing delicious nuts, the Walnut tree was prized in ancient times as a powerful wood for making wands. Folklore suggests that wood from the Walnut aids us in finding our inner strength.

White Oak

White Oak leaf

White Oak (Quercus Alba)

White Oak is famous for building various historical wooden sailing ships of US history, from frigates to schooners. This wood is equally well-known for barreling in wineries and distilleries throughout the country. The official tree of three different states, this olive-tinged hardwood is a historical treasure of the United States.


Zebrawood leaf

Zebrawood (Microberlinia brazzavillensis)

The world’s best designers cannot compete with Nature’s exacting detail in the magnificent Zebrawood. Because every tree is different, the patterns on each of our Zebrawood items are totally unique. The beautiful stripes in the heart of the “Zingana” testify to each tree’s unique spirit.